Welcome to the Queensland Amateur Brewing Championship

The QABC is held as a qualifier to the Australian Amateur Brewing Championship (AABC), which is being held in Canberra on 2nd and 3rd November 2013.

Only Queensland residents are eligible to enter the QABC.

The judging for the QABC 2013 will be on Sunday 13th October.

Entries close on;

Craftbrewer/Bacchus Brewing - 1pm Saturday, 28th of September, 2013
Brewers Choice - Close of business on Tuesday, 24th of September, 2013

More details will be announced as they become available.


All entries must be accompanied by a QABC entry form. Also read the Terms and Conditions.

QABC Entry Form...

AABC Entry Form...


The QABC follows the guidelines of the AABC for judging, and judged by some of our Nations best brewers and judges.



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